Friday, August 31, 2012

Time to drink!! Alien Brain Hemorrhage!

Hey everyone! It's time for another post about some awesome Pinterest recipe that you can make! Since I did three recipes yesterday, but didn't do a cocktail (scandalous, I know), I decided that I should do one tonight!

As I was sitting in my Molecular and Cellular biology class today, my teacher went off on a tangent and my brain went on overload. The information wasn't hard to understand, but it was just a lot all at once. While I was trying to process everything he was saying, I felt like my brain was hemorrhaging, and then it hit me! Why not make an alien brain hemorrhage!!

You heard me right, an alien brain hemorrhage. If you haven't heard of this drink it's pretty cool and it looks so wicked! As I look at this drink more and more, I think that it would be perfect for a Halloween party, if you still want to make it (keep reading for full details).

alien brain hemorrhage cocktail
This is how the drink is supposed to look

 So, you can't drink by yourself (well, you can, but they have meetings for people like that) so I invited over a couple of my friends, Beka and Heather. Heather takes amazing pictures, so she offered to do the pictures for tonight's blog (woohoo!). So let's get started.

Alien Brain Hemorrhage


I love this drink for two reasons: the name is really funny and the drink looks simply amazing! What's supposed to happen is the peach schnapps goes in first, then the Bailey's goes in and magically floats on top of the schnapps (hooray science!). Next comes the Blue Curacao which chills out under the Bailey's. Then the grenadine comes in to ruin everyone's day. It's like "Oh, you wanna be segregated into nice little layers? Nope!" And then BAM! Hemorrhage!!

The drink was pretty quick to whip up; the only bad part was, of course, alcohol isn't really cheap. My best advice is to use alcohol you already have or buy a cheaper version of what you need. It seemed a little complicated but I thought, "Eh, I'm sure I can do it." So, we gathered all of our ingredients and got to work! 

We added the Baileys and, let's just say, things didn't go as planned...

Not quite like the picture...

 So, our version didn't turn out quite like the picture, but it still kind of looks like a brain hemorrhage. As was pointed out by my roommate, our method was what led to our downfall. We were pouring the liquid right into the center of the glass. The trick to making this shot (and getting the alcohol to separate into layers) is to pour the Bailey's and the Blue Curacao down the side of the shot glass (you can pour the grenadine and peach schnapps into the center of the glass). I posted a video of the proper pouring technique for this shot :) Since we're not ones to give up, we put the failure aside and tried again!  Luckily, this one went a little better.

This is starting to look promising...

Now that's what I'm talkin' about! This is what you want it to look like! Ooey, gooey, and totally insane!

 After we reveled over our amazing creation, we made another, toasted, and tasted our beautiful concoction. Let's just say, this drink was one of the most disgusting things I've ever had. The taste itself wasn't bad (it was actually pretty nice), but the texture was so awful that you couldn't even enjoy the drink. It was like drinking a glass full of calloused skin and boogers. This drink is fun to make, fun to look at, but not fun to drink! If you want my advice, stay away from this shot!!!

Don't forget, post some recipes you'd like me to try and I'll make sure to get to it! The recipe for tomorrow is "Heroin Chicken" which was requested by a reader of this blog. Stay posted for the results of this chicken which has been popping up all over Pinterest!

Here's a link to the video we made to show you the best way to pour your alien brain hemorrhage shot (if you still decide to make one). It's narrated (mostly) by Heather and hopefully it will help your shot look pretty cool!

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  1. Alien brain hemorrhage? This is the first time I've heard of such drink. You're right that it does look wicked. I can't imagine how Bailey's and Blue Curacao mix would taste, but you got me intrigued so I might give it a try. =)