Thursday, September 13, 2012

Peanut Butter and Jelly Muffins

Hello everyone! I hope your week is going well! Hopefully some of you tried the Chicken and Spinach Penne from the other day. Today's recipe was chosen by my lovely friend Beka.

So, today we will be making peanut butter and jelly muffins (sounds yummy, right?). When she told me she wanted to make these, I liked the idea of them: they're a good breakfast food because they have protein (from the peanut butter) and they're easy to grab and go if you're in a rush.

This recipe says you should use grape jelly, but we thought to ourselves "Why stop there??" So we ended up getting 6 different kinds of jelly (we might have overdone it just a bit). So, we got all of our ingredients together and got started!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Muffins


This recipe was fun, but there were also a lot of flaws which I found vary annoying. First, she gives you a measurement for your milk, and not until after you add everything and mix it up does she tell you "Oh, by the way, you might need more milk here." Second, she's right. More milk is needed because the batter is really dry which makes it kind of icky, so plan on adding an extra tablespoon or so of milk. And third, putting the jelly into the batter is a messy affair, but never fear! I have a solution for you (as always)!

I told you we went a little crazy with the jelly...

Mix up all of your dry ingredients
Then, separately, mix all of your wet ingredients (go slow at first because it will slosh!)

And it should look a little something like this when you're done

The original website didn't say to do this, but when you're mixing wet and dry ingredients, it's always important to make a well in the dry ingredients first (as shown in the above picture). This allows you to mix the ingredients together better :)

Now pour your wet mixture into the dry mixture and stir it up!

It should look a little something like this (this is with that extra addition of milk)

Since we had so many jelly flavors, we color-coded our muffins with different colored muffin papers. I also sprayed the muffin papers with Pam baking spray because I hate when you have a muffin and half of it gets lost because it sticks to the muffin paper (not fun!).

This is how we kept our muffin flavors straight, haha

When we first started making these, we were just kind of haphazardly putting jelly on top of the first scoop of batter, but I soon realized that this wouldn't be good. I mean, you could do it like that, but then your muffin would be a lot messier because jelly would be gushing out the side.So, I decided that we needed to make a little groove in the peanut butter batter by making a thumbprint. That helped keep the jelly in place a lot better!

Here's what they looked like with the jelly (don't mind how messy they are)
Next, you put your top layer of batter on and prepare to bake!! :)

And here's what they should look like when you're done!

Ta-daaa!!!!! :D

This is the apple jelly muffin

This is the blackberry jelly muffin
All in all, I really enjoyed these muffins. I would definitely suggest putting a groove in your batter to allow the jelly to have a place to sit and, of course, don't forget that extra splash of milk that you need. We really enjoyed these muffins, though, and I would definitely make them again! They're easy to carry and take with you if you're in a rush. In fact, I took one with me this morning for school!

Now, I know you're probably wondering which jelly flavor tasted the best, right? Well, they were all good, but I really liked the blackberry and the raspberry. Beka said she really liked the grape and the strawberry. Long story short, pick whatever flavor you like best and roll with it :)

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